Tuesday, January 1 2019


Happy New Year!

Join us for our New Year’s Day “New Year, Newish Me” Workout from noon to 2PM.

With a running clock;

CrossFit Total

3 Attempts to hit a 1RM:




(45 Min Cap)

<immediately followed by>


1 Mile Run

100 Pull-up

200 Push-up

300 Air Squat

1 Mile Run

*weight-vest optional

(60 Min Cap)

*score = CF total PLUS time remaining on the clock at the completion of Murph

(105 Min Total Cap)

We’ll discuss in detail before class, general guideline approach:

*15 Minutes per Lift

*Murph Under 50 mins: approach any style

*Murph Under 1 hour: partition as 20 Rounds of Cindy otherwise

*1/2 Murph: partition as 10 Rounds of Cindy or 20 Rounds of 3/6/9

*scale pull-up and push-up accordingly to maintain consistent round of Cindy pace